Primal Blueprint Podcast

Host Elle Russ chats with Sher Smith, a Paleo Thyroid Solution Success Story from Elle’s upcoming release!

By the age of 26, Sher Smith had resolved a decade long eating disorder but was struggling mightily with a laundry list of physical, mental, and emotional symptoms. With the help of Mark Sisson’s Primal Blueprint (goodbye gluten, hello fat!), life got a little bit better. But after being told that her thyroid wasn’t “the problem” and that she had to “just workout more” to lose weight, she started to believe her body was just broken and this was the unhealthy hand she had been dealt.

Sher met Elle at one of Mark’s amazing PrimalCon’s in 2014 and since then, her life has completely changed. Over the last two years working with Elle and a doctor in Chicago, Sher has optimized her thyroid health. As a result, she has lost almost 60 pounds, resolved all her thyroid and adrenal symptoms, maintained a primal workout routine, and had a vibrant and healthy primal pregnancy and natural childbirth. As an unintended result of fixing her thyroid and regaining her health, Sher became an entrepreneur and now runs her own coaching business helping women permanently resolve their emotional eating without the decade long struggle that she endured.

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