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13 Ways to Move More Throughout the Day (Even While at Work)

This is a guest post from expert biomechanist Katy Bowman, author of Don’t Just Sit There!

What research has demonstrated in the last few years is that people aren’t either active or sedentary—they can be both. Even the active people are, by a new definition coined in movement research, actively sedentary.

Our totally body movement often tends to boil down to what we do for a bout of exercise each day. Trying to extract all of your movement needs from one or two hours of daily exercise is like trying get all your dietary needs from a single daily meal crafted from the same handful of foods every day. This approach just won’t do. 

(This Mark's Daily Apple article was written by Mark Sisson, and is narrated by Brock Armstrong)

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On today’s special show, Mark Sisson and Katy Bowman discuss their exciting joint project, “Don’t Just Sit There,” which is a comprehensive multimedia educational course designed to help people overcome one of the major health hazards of modern life: prolonged sedentary periods that compromise your health at the cellular level. Katy is a biomechanist (someone who studies living structures like the human body), author, and popular blogger at Her focus is on how movement and variability are the keys to a healthy work environment. It turns out that true movement variability at work requires more than simply transitioning from a sitting to standing position at a standup workstation. And it’s not just about assuming the correct ergonomic positions at your keyboards, either. Anytime you have prolonged stillness, you are putting undesirable “loads” upon your cells that can lead to pain, dysfunction, and disease. This includes your eyes gazing at a computer screen at a fixed distance for hours.  


Katy and Mark talk about the many challenges of going dynamic instead of static, and some practical tips to mix things up in your daily routine (within the confines and restrictions of the modern workplace environment, of course). This is a great discussion to acquaint listeners with the Don’t Just Sit There program, which comes complete with a detailed eBook and a series of instructional videos to help you custom-design a dynamic workstation and a workplace pattern of movement and variability. So if you find yourself interested in learning more after today’s podcast, then you’ll want to act fast:


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So listen to the podcast, then sign up and get moving!


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