Primal Blueprint Podcast

Elle Russ chats about living an expanded life with Adam & Vanessa Lambert - both exceptional paleo health and lifestyle coaches who make a uniquely formidable team. Adam’s knowledge is rooted in research, and he approaches wellness largely from a scientific perspective. Vanessa is more of an experiential learner who relies on intuition and feeling in her coaching practice. Together, these pros have all the bases of the wellness picture covered—which is why they appeal to such a broad and diverse spectrum of clients.

Through Bee The Wellness and its diversity of programs and offerings, Adam and Vanessa leverage their incredible wealth of knowledge to help clients make real, manageable changes that are sustainable for life. They are known for their non-judgmental point of view, caring nature, passion, and commitment to helping people achieve their own personal formula for success. These traits are what truly make them a one-of-a-kind wellness team.  Use the code "primal" to receive a 10% discount on the Bee The Wellness 2017 Costa Rica Retreat.

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