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Aarn Farmer has been a frugal blogger for over seven years at and At 40 years old he was over 400 lbs, had a blood pressure of 200/160 and was diagnosed with Metabolic Syndrome. His wife was also more than 100 lbs overweight and had Type II Diabetes. As he looked for a way to get his health under control, he found out that weight loss was primarily controlled by hormones and not calorie restriction as he previously thought.  After more than two years of a low carb diet, followed by a ketogenic diet, Aarn has lost over 175 lbs, dramatically lowered his blood pressure, and no longer has Metabolic Syndrome. His wife has also lost over 100 lbs and no longer has Type II Diabetes.

Aarn shares his story at where he blogs about how insulin is the main hormone responsible for weight gain and teaches how to eat a healthy diet while being frugal.

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