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Host Brad Kearns welcomes Dave McKeown to discuss the subject of leadership with a fresh and extremely compelling twist. If you are a leader in the workplace or even a household, these insights will be very helpful and memorable. Dave is the author of the book, The Self-Evolved Leader: Elevate Your Focus And Develop Your People In A World That Refuses To Slow Down
You'll learn to evolve from our typical approach to "heroic leadership" to become a self-evolved leader, where you focus on helping each member of the team become the best version of themselves--including you in the leadership position. These concepts are especially important today when leaders have more potential than ever for distraction, reduced focus on big picture goals, and easy access to data to micromanage and become frazzled. To learn more about Dave, visit

This book is ideal for any leader looking to:
  • Stop working in the weeds and think more strategically
  • Build empowerment deep in their team
  • Free up their headspace to be more creative
  • Deliver lasting results for their team and organization
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