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Engineering the good life is about removing negative inputs as much as it is about adding positive ones. If a negative input confers momentary pleasure, removing it will remove some pleasure but add more.

(This Mark's Daily Apple article was written by Mark Sisson, and is narrated by Tina Leaman)

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Elle Russ chats with Primal Pastures farmer and co-founder Paul Greive. Today's discussion includes how to navigate the various "grass fed" and other tricky food labels along with what it means to be a holistic, pastured livestock farmer.

Paul Greive is a pastured livestock farmer located in Southern California.  His company, Primal Pastures, focuses on raising animals outside on green pasture with fresh air, sunshine, and a species-appropriate diet. In addition to over 4,000 retail customers that order their meats online for home delivery, they also supply some of the best restaurants and butcher shops in Southern California, including the LA Dodgers and LA Lakers team meals. Currently they ship to CA, AZ, and NV. You can find more about Paul and his company via the links below.

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