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Follow the soccer career and life of Ali, from her early days playing youth soccer in Los Angeles to eventually captaining the New Zealand national team. Ali discusses growing up with a coach for a dad, getting the opportunity to play for New Zealand's U20 team, becoming a starter at Stanford University, and her long professional career in the US and Europe. She talks about the challenges of playing for multiple teams across the world, learning Swedish while playing in Sweden, and representing New Zealand in 5 World Cups and 4 Olympics over her storied career. Now playing for Angel City FC in LA, Ali has also become a health coach and cookbook author. She provides insight into maintaining her health and fitness as a player over 20+ years as a pro athelete.



00:00:00 Paleo Fitness on Women in Sports

00:02:41 Meet New Zealand Soccer Captain Ali Riley

00:06:59 The New Zealand soccer legend

00:11:57 Ali Riley on Playing for the US national team

00:14:37 Ali Riley on her health and wellness journey

00:20:22 Ali Riley on her Peak Performance Routine

00:24:58 CBD in your diet

00:25:44 Favorite Recipes from Your Cookbook

00:27:43 What is training like for the national team?

00:29:52 Ali Riley on Women's Soccer

00:35:31 Dreams of Playing Sports Pro

00:38:24 Ali Riley on Her Swedish Fluency


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