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Host Brad Kearns welcomes Matt Whitmore and Keris Marsden in a joint podcast with Fitter Food radio channel in London! Their second book, Fitter Food, Second Helping is coming out soon. Their first book was a big seller in Europe under the title, Fitter Food, and in the U.S. under the title Paleo Primer. They have their own training/fitness facility in London where they work with individuals helping them learn all about the paleo/primal lifestyle.

Keris and Matt discuss how a proper nutrition regimen for athletes has evolved over the years. They look at how much carbohydrate is needed for fueling exercise, as well as how much training is helpful or damaging. They explore how much ketosis is needed for high endurance performance and if are there negative side effects to long-term ketosis.

This entertaining podcast will inspire listeners to question what you thought you knew about training and carbo-loading.

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