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In this episode of the Primal Kitchen Podcast, host Morgan, co-founder of Primal Kitchen, engages in a fascinating dialogue with Maria Emmerich, a renowned nutritionist and international bestselling author.

They explore Maria's journey with the keto lifestyle, starting from her struggle with PCOS and depression, to discovering the transformative impact of dietary changes.

Maria elaborates on the principles of sustained weight loss, clarifies common misconceptions about the keto diet, particularly the importance of protein, and discusses the potential drawbacks of dairy consumption. Additionally, she shares insights into optimizing brain health and the advantages of a carnivore diet for specific health issues.

The conversation also touches on Maria's experiences working with celebrities like Halle Berry and the evolution of her keto approach.

This episode is filled with practical advice for those considering or currently following a keto lifestyle, offering a blend of personal anecdotes and professional expertise.

00:00:00 Start Of Podcast

00:04:41 Ketogenic Diet: How to Lose Weight Slowly

00:07:18 Keto Diets: Do You Lose Weight?

00:11:42 Keto Diabetics on Fiber 

00:16:15 Keto and Meat Lovers

00:21:41 Seniors Take For Granted Their Physical Abilities 

00:22:10 I Adopted My First Child When I Was

17 00:25:43 How to help with migraines 

00:29:00 Keto: Protein Restricted Diet

00:31:45 Favorite Alopecia Success Stories

00:35:03 Maria Emmerich on Halle Berry's Diabetes

00:38:04 Do You Have An Egg Allergies?

00:40:22 What supplements do you take to lose weight? 

00:43:50 Protein Sparing Diet Explained 

00:46:40 5 Things You Didn't Know About Your Bow Hunting 00:48:44 Keto Meditation



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