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In this episode, we chat with Mary, a nutrition expert who helps athletes and famous people eat better to perform at their best. Mary shares her story of how changing her diet improved her health and led her to help others do the same. She talks about working with big names in sports and movies, making sure they eat right to stay on top of their game.


Mary believes in eating whole foods and avoiding things like gluten, dairy, and soy, especially for athletes during their season. She explains how she plans meals and drinks to make sure athletes can focus and have energy during their games. Mary also gives tips on how anyone can eat better, like choosing the right foods and paying attention to how food makes you feel. Mary shares her favorite meals to cook and some special tips on foods that help with things like staying healthy and adjusting to high places. She encourages everyone to listen to their body and not get too caught up in complicated diet trends.


Relevant points from episode: 


00:00:00 How to Lose Weight With a calorie deficit?

00:00:42 Mary Flannery on Performance Nutrition

00:04:13 How Performance Nutrition Made an Elite Client's Life?

00:06:57 Eat Well, Sleep Well

00:13:14 Saffron for Your Immune System

00:17:50 How to Get the Most Out of Supplements?

00:21:34 Top NBA Trainer Sean Cruxton on Weight Loss and Protein

00:26:14 Do You Need To Check Your Gut As You Get Older?

00:27:41 How To Get Back in the Game With Your High Performance Athletes?

00:31:45 Top 3 Favorite Meals

00:34:45 I Was A Hand Model For One Day



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In this episode, we sit down with Dr. Lucas, a dedicated medical professional with a profound journey into the realm of cancer care. Inspired by a deeply personal experience, Dr. Lucas shares his transition from focusing on gut health to immersing himself in the complexities of cancer treatment and prevention. Throughout the conversation, we delve into the significance of fasting, the impact of traditional cancer treatment methods, and Dr. Lucas's unique approach to integrating conventional and alternative therapies for optimal patient outcomes.


Dr. Lucas offers a candid look into the limitations and challenges faced within the conventional healthcare system, emphasizing the importance of personalized treatment plans that address the root causes of cancer. He highlights various innovative therapies, including the use of IV vitamin C, mistletoe injections, and the potential of immunotherapy drugs, while also stressing the critical role of diet, lifestyle changes, and detoxification in cancer prevention and recovery.


With a story of hope and resilience, Dr. Lucas recounts a remarkable case of a patient with stage four pancreatic cancer who, against all odds, experienced a miraculous recovery through an integrative treatment plan. This episode is not only a testament to Dr. Lucas's dedication to his patients but also serves as a source of inspiration and a call to consider a more holistic approach to cancer care.


Relevant points from episode: 


00:00:00 Fasting for 24 Hours

00:00:58 One doctor's journey through thyroid cancer

00:05:51 Ex-Cancer Treatment Centers of America doctor on the transition

00:10:07 Chemotherapy and integrative support for cancer patients

00:10:57 Mixed messages of mistletoe in cancer treatment

00:17:08 Vitamin C for cancer treatment

00:21:20 In the Elevator With Your Valentine

00:21:45 Root Cause Medicine

00:28:07 Fighting cancer with a low-tech approach

00:28:57 Do you test for cancer if you don't have cancer?

00:29:27 Chemotherapy and Metformin

00:34:17 Fasts and sleep

00:34:57 Antiparasitics for cancer, side effects

00:39:32  on nutrition for cancer patients

00:41:54 Carcinoma Survivor's Tips For Preventing the Cancer

00:45:09 How to Detox After Drinking Too Much Alcohol: Vitamin C and?

00:46:28 How to Deal with a Cold and Flu?

00:49:03 Ozone Therapy

00:51:26 Cancer: The science of biohacking

00:52:23 How to Sleep Better With a Headache?

00:55:50 Immunity Therapy for Cancer

00:58:01 Proteins and the Future of Medicine

00:59:53 Obesity is a big problem, says surgeon

01:00:44 "Who's Inspiring You?"?

01:00:55 One patient's miraculous treatment for pancreatic cancer

01:05:36 One pancreatic cancer patient's miraculous story

01:07:50 Dr. Lucas on His Love of Crosswords



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Join Morgan, Primal Kitchen's co-founder, for an enlightening discussion with Dr. Nathan Bryan on the Primal Kitchen podcast. Dr. Bryan, a molecular medicine expert and CEO of Nitric Oxide Innovations, delves into the transformative role of nitric oxide in health and disease management. His pioneering work over 20 years has led to breakthroughs in understanding how nitric oxide influences healthy aging, immune response, and chronic disease treatments. Explore the science behind this critical molecule and learn about innovative therapies emerging from Dr. Bryan's biopharmaceutical company, N101. Gain insights on enhancing your well-being through nitric oxide-focused lifestyle changes and therapies.


Relevant points from episode:

  • 00:02:38 Nitric Oxide
  • 00:03:43 Why should we care about nitric oxide?
  • 00:07:54 Nitric Oxide Supplements for Well-Being
  • 00:08:57 How to Tell Your Body's Age from Your Biological Age?
  • 00:10:32 Nitric Oxygen and the immune system
  • 00:16:18 Nitric oxide for Alzheimer's and diabetic heart disease
  • 00:21:33 Obstructing nitric oxide in men
  • 00:26:37 Nitric Oxide and Biohacking
  • 00:29:02 N 101 Nutrition, Dr. Nathan S. Bryan



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Welcome to the Primal Kitchen Podcast with host Morgan, featuring WeNatal co-founders Ronit Menashe and Vida Delrahim

WeNatal is revolutionizing prenatal care by focusing equally on men and women's health for fertility and pregnancy. Drawing from their personal struggles and insights in fertility, Ronit and Vida discuss the importance of a holistic approach to preconception health. They delve into the significance of proper nutrition and lifestyle changes for both partners, aiming to shift the narrative from individual to collective responsibility in fertility journeys. Join us to learn about WeNatal's unique approach and their journey in creating a comprehensive prenatal supplement.

This innovative company produces third-party-tested prenatal supplements for men and women made with purposefully selected ingredients and no gluten, soy, or dairy. Ronit and Vida discuss how their separate battles with pregnancy loss led to researching egg quality and sperm health as part of the prenatal experience, while Morgan shares her own fertility journey. Hear why WeNatal is bringing men into the prenatal conversation and learn more about the impact that sperm health has on pregnancy and fertility.

Relevant Points:

0:00 We Natal - Exploring the Journey of Pregnancy

1:35 What I Need To Know About Exclusivity - Insights into Exclusive Information

2:07 A Men's Prenatal - Understanding Prenatal Care for Men

8:00 Impact on Health

8:50 Tips and Advice for Conceiving Again

13:06 Exploring the Connection Between Sperm Quality and Baby's Health

17:15 Unveiling the Qualities of a High-Quality Prenatal Product

20:14 Understanding How We Natal Supports Men in the Prenatal Journey

22:36 The Role of Fitbit and Aura Rings in Health Monitoring

25:19 The Increasing Popularity of Functional Medicine

27:00 Who's Inspiring You Today? - Discovering Sources of Inspiration

28:37 Reflecting on Challenging Experiences

31:20 Insights into Common Human Behaviors


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