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Welcome to the Primal Kitchen podcast hosted by Morgan, where we're joined by Dr. Robert Whitfield, an expert in breast implant removal. In today's episode, Dr. Whitfield shares his knowledge on breast implant illness, the importance of recognizing symptoms, and the advantages and disadvantages of implant surgeries. Dive into the complexities of chronic inflammation related to implants and discover the role of holistic recovery programs. Dr. Whitfield's journey from reconstructive microsurgery to a focus on wellness and detoxification provides invaluable insights.


A pioneer in breast implant removal surgery and “no-cut” facelifts, Robert is well-known for his Holistic Accelerated Recovery Program, which helps reduce inflammation during the post-surgery healing process. Learn to spot the symptoms of implant illness that can happen with any device, how it’s treated, and who is most at risk of developing it. Morgan and Robert also discuss toxins, hormone imbalances, and how your own fat can be used as a filler.




Relevant Points :

0:59 Breast Implants 101

1:49 The Secret to Removing Breast Implants

8:36 E. Coli in Breast Implants

10:11 Breast Implants, Genetics, and Immunity

14:29 Breast Implants Removed from the Body

15:16 Do You Do Genetic Testing Before You Decide?

22:07 What About Functional Medicine Techniques?

22:46 Fat Transfer and Breast Augmentation

28:43 Texan Doctor and Supplement Junkie

31:23 How to Get Botox and Facial Fillers

34:52 Do Botox and Implants Differ?

36:18 Breast Implant Illness Expert Robert's Insights

37:44 Fat Transfer Surgery





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In this podcast episode, Dr. Tara Swart, a neuroscientist and leadership coach, shares her insights into the brain's workings, discussing the significance of gut health, stress management, and the power of visualization.


She elaborates on how these factors impact our overall well-being, blending ancient wisdom with modern science. Dr. Swart's unique approach reveals the dynamic interaction between our mental and physical health and the environment.


The conversation also explores concepts of consciousness and death, offering a deeper understanding of life's purpose and the importance of mindfulness and healthy living.


This episode is a masterclass in harnessing the power of the brain for a balanced, fulfilling life.



Relevant points from episode:

0:00 Introduction: How Science Affects Your Brain?

2:50 Gut Brain Access

6:55 How to manage stress effectively? 

13:26 Weightlifting and Vivid Images

19:03 Do Visualizations Make You Smart or Are They Just Hype?

22:06 Paleo and Kombucha

23:18 How to Get Out of Stuck Life? 

28:16 Why I Can't Decide Where To Live?

32:28 How to Get More Sleep? 

34:48 3 Things for High Performance that You Need to Know

41:02 The Science Behind Art

44:14 Deep Thoughts on Death and Reinvention 

47:41 People Are Not Scared Of Death

48:44 How to Bring Mindfulness into Your Daily Life

53:56 Dr. Tara Swart on Meeting Her Fans



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Join us in this podcast episode featuring Michael Brandt, founder of KetoneIQ, as he shares his unique journey in the world of health and nutrition.

From his early beginnings and appearance on Shark Tank to the development of his innovative health product, Michael's story is a blend of entrepreneurial spirit and a deep commitment to wellness.

Discover his insights on the role of ketones in enhancing physical and mental performance, the significance of a balanced diet, and the power of endurance sports.

This episode is more than just business talk; it's about understanding the interplay of nutrition, technology, and personal health. Whether you're an aspiring entrepreneur, fitness enthusiast, or someone curious about a healthier lifestyle, Michael's experiences and advice offer something for everyone.

 Tune in to be inspired and learn how to navigate the complexities of modern health trends with simplicity and clarity.


Relevant points from episode:

0:00 Ketone IQ: The Future of Fitness

0:54 The World's First Ketone Salts

6:50 Ketone Supplement

10:10 Ketone IQ for Athletes

14:31 Have You Done The Boston Marathon?

18:30 Marathoners Talk About Their Training

19:50 3 Running Tips for Endurance Athletes

20:45 How To Keep Your Heart Rate Controlled

25:30 Ketone IQ For Running

27:42 How to Prevent Type 2 Diabetes With Ketones

30:07 How To Cook For A Baby And An Athlete

34:40 The Hardest Thing For Me To Do

38:19 How to Say No to Things?

40:25 Keto Dieter Takes Supplements Every Day

49:17 Dead Startups and How I Built This

57:04 On Launching a Startup

1:00:58 Pioneer Kitchen's Success

1:06:23 Morgan Freeman on Being Curious

1:08:47 How To Build a Successful Company


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In this episode of the Primal Kitchen Podcast, we meet Salim, a former nuclear power plant engineer turned health and wellness entrepreneur. Salim recounts his transformative journey, beginning with a successful yet unfulfilling career in engineering, leading to the inception of Soundtea.


His exploration into health and wellness was sparked by a personal tragedy - the loss of his father to cancer. This pivotal moment propelled him into researching natural health remedies and adopting a unique diet strategy, including a one-meal-a-day routine and microdosing psilocybin for wellness enhancement. 


Salim delves into various health optimization techniques, from grounding and cold plunge therapy to leveraging cutting-edge technology and equipment in his biohacking adventures. He also touches upon his experiences with plant medicine, discussing the impacts of ayahuasca and ketamine therapies.


 This episode not only charts Salim's professional shift but also offers insights into combining technology with natural health practices.


Tune in to learn how Salim's journey intertwines personal experiences with a passion for holistic health, and discover his approach to blending modern tech with traditional wellness methods.



Relevant points from episode:

0:00 Grounding/Introduction 

0:48 Cancer

5:38 All About It

7:09 What Does a Business Look Like Today?

9:17 Heart Rate Variability

14:16 How to Decrease Your HRV? 

18:31 Pulsed electromagnetic field

21:15 The Need for Grounding

25:02 Binaural Beats: The Essential Meditation for Long Term Health

34:25 Talking to smokers at 60

34:50 How to Talk to a Child About Trauma?

36:14 Your Thoughts On Death

39:25 After a Shoulder Surgery, Hyperbaric Therapy

44:27 In the sauna with the doctors

49:48 Ketogenic Diet and Supplement regimen

51:45 How to get enough magnesium for your body after a surgery?

53:13 Favorite People and Worst Things You've Done For Yourself

54:45 On Psilocybin and Ayahuasca

1:00:04 Ketamine Therapy With Somatic Meditation

1:03:49 Ketamine, Psilocybin: Where to Start?


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