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Join us for an episode where we dive deep into the world of skincare with the brilliant minds behind ClearSTEM Skincare, Danielle Gronich & Kayleigh Christina.

Danielle, an acclaimed acne guru and clinical esthetician, alongside Kayleigh a certified holistic nutritionist, share their wealth of knowledge on combating acne while embracing anti-aging, all without compromising on using skin-friendly, non-toxic ingredients.

They unravel the surprising triggers behind acne, from dietary pitfalls to hidden ingredients in your everyday products, and illuminate the path to achieving a radiant, youthful complexion through holistic practices and innovative skincare solutions.

Whether you're battling persistent acne, seeking to ward off the signs of aging, or simply aiming for healthier skin, this episode is your guide to transforming your skincare routine and embracing the ClearSTEM approach for lasting results.

Tune in to learn about their unique journey, the science behind their formulations, and how you can achieve clear, vibrant skin that defies age.

00:00:00 The Secret to Anti-Acne

00:01:37 How To Naturally Clear Your Face

00:05:56 Clear stem: The acne remedy you need to know

00:09:48 How Clear Your Skin Is with Our Acne Lab Panel

00:14:54 How to Prevent and Reduce Acne

00:20:10 Monolarin is an antiviral, and I swear by it

00:20:42 Causes of acne

00:23:02 Tommy Lee on Anti-Aging

 00:23:30 How to Choose the Right Retinol for Your Skin

00:27:41 Best Anti-Aging Moisturizer

00:32:37 milo on the Morpheus Laser

00:34:46 How To Fill Your Under Eyes With Easy Gel Filler

00:37:45 Does Botox Make You Look Older?

00:38:37 How To Clean Your Makeup

00:42:15 How to Eat More Primal Kitchen

00:45:51 Who's Inspiring You?

00:48:42 The Worst Thing You've Ever Done For Your Skin

00:52:10 5 Things Most People Don't Know About Clear Stem Skinc


Danielle Gronich & Kayleigh Christina



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