The Primal Kitchen Podcast

In this episode, we discuss the journey of transitioning from different career paths to establishing a successful business.

The conversation highlights the significance of making bold decisions, balancing the responsibilities of being a parent while managing a business, and the positive impact of therapy in personal development.

Insights are shared on the importance of communication within marriage, embracing challenges, and learning from them. The discussion also touches on navigating the complexities of parenting, instilling values in children, and the role of physical intimacy in sustaining a strong marital relationship.

This episode provides a comprehensive look at the hurdles and triumphs faced on the path to personal and professional fulfillment.

00:00:00 Start of Podcast

00:04:05 What Was the Most Outstanding Thing About Your Early Age?

00:10:31 Ask for a Raise

00:13:28 Where did you get your marketing talent?

00:15:59 How Did I Meet My Future Business Partner 0

0:20:58 Say Yes To The Beach 

00:21:47 How Motherhood Is Affecting Your Career 

00:25:19 How to Get Away With Your Parents At 40 00:28:08 Does Your 40-Year-Old Friend Feel Like She's G 

00:29:52 How Therapy Helped My Love Life

00:32:11 I Got Rejected At The Church 00:38:18 How To Parent When You're Not Expecting Perfection 

00:40:26 Odi OSex And Marriage

00:45:40 Do Your Pheromones Affect Your Love Life?

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